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20 April 2007 @ 08:57 pm
Challenge #1  
Yay! Challenge #1 is here, only because I feel like posting it <3 I wanted to get this started. Now I figured we could do like a month on one person? Like have 3 weeks of icons for the one person and then 1 week for a signature. Does that sound fair? or too weird? Please tell me ok? I may change it. Anyhoo, now on to challenge one.

Also I'm only letting this go for one week instead of two, i wanted to see the type of response I got. =)


Please remember:
- Icons must fit LJ standards [ 100x100, 40KB or under and in either, JPG; GIF; or PNG format].
- All effects allowed.
- You may enter up to four icons
- Use only the pictures provided, but do not blend them together in any way!
- Please don't submit your icon[s] anywhere else until voting is over. ^.^
- Comments will be screened
- Deadline for entries: Friday, MAY 4TH at 10 pm Central Standard time.
- Comment to this post and this post only with your entry!

how to post your entry:



entries so far: 0